Fix Your Crime

the greatest crime

in the human timeline

is that we killed each other

enough to think it’s fine

for a baby girl

to hold a gun, count to nine

shoot! and see the bullet fly

until it falls to murder a guy

see on the news

and pass by

a boy with tears in his eyes

he cries

the same bullet hit his thigh

more prayers

God gives out a sigh

He won’t help us

if we sit and hide

from our own genocide

stop the bullet

that’s gone so high

teach the baby girl

that the sky

does not rain nuclear tides

darling the sky is blue

we are beauty and it justifies

no reason for people to die

and she replies

with a look so terrified

her first sentence

“bullets are birds that fly”

do you see the gun

destroy it, it’s time

it’s love in disguise

ending this inhumane crime

no more compromise

you fight the war

or fight for our lives


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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