Racism In America


forthcoming opposition is a blessing.

you should be worried when you're not sure

when the attack will start


the echoes of malice are a blessing.

you should be worried when the whispers of hatred

only barely reach your straining ears


the more hideous the monster

the more relieved you should feel.

how do you combat a man who smiles

as he breaks your spirit?


if the knife enters your frame all at once

you know where the bleeding will soon begin


when it's thrust at an angle

so slow that you scarcely feel it

you become acclimated


you have lost.


i want the devil to approach in the light

rather than send a weaker counterpart in the dark.


i want the smell of sulfur to reach my nostrils

rather than the scent of lillies as my flesh burns.


the times are changing and the darkness with it.


see no evil, hear no evil, die slow.


and pray your eyes remain wide shut as your end approaches


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