Belief in Wonderland

I am a wanderer

I allow myself to explore the outer reaches of my mind and world

whether that be through music, books, movies or my own two feet

I imagine oceans, mountains and life

the fluid everyday motions of a complex reality 

where people move past each other in the restless business of a city

I sonder, 

because the vividness with which I create stories for the people that pass me by 

feel me with hope, uncertainty, a greater sense of morality.  

It is through my books that I theorize the endless possibilities life holds,

and it is through movies I connect these theories with faces and emotion.

I am a creative creature, 

words move me the way a beat moves a dancer, the way the wind moves leaves in the trees when the sun is rising on a crisp summer morning and the possibilities are endless. 

I am a person of value, a person who recognizes the pain a mirror built by societal expectation can inflict on victims who do not see the value in their beauty. 

I am a person who seeks wonderland in her everyday life, and breathes in the smell of autumn to keep her calm.

A person confused by the restlessness of our generation and the need to equalize our value to our level of importance on social media.

A person who seeks every opportunity to build not tear someone else down

I am woman, a girl, a student, a human who is not defined by a picture, a post, or a filter. 

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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