Can't Live Without A Dream

Sat, 04/02/2016 - 20:29 -- Aryes

Humans are creatures of communication and of isolation.

Like a mixture or light and darkness, a perfect shade of grey.

Other people give us purpose and thoughts,

without one or the other, we perish.

On this island in my own little world,

I would want a person,

someone unknown,

someone completely foriegn,

a person of shadow,

One who not even a light of my understanding can figure out.

A puzzle of a person,

that person will become my sole purpose,

they will become the center of my thoughts,

and that will be the truth to my survival.

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I have written this poem in hopes of winning the "All I Need Scholarship Slam", it was created with my true feelings. 

The prompt was If you could have one thing or person on an island with you, who or what would it be and why.

My view on it is that food becomes a non necessity, and water is usually easily found on an island.

Humans need interaction, it is shown through the way we punish prisoners in jail, isolation.

When dealing with isolation, I don't think I could be alone for more than a day without losing my sanity.

Therefore, having a person on the island is a good thing, but I would want it to be a stranger.

The reason being that I wouldn't want any of my family members of friends on a desert island when they could be at home happy.

Plus, having a stranger there would spark more conversations and build a fresh relationship based on survival and trust.

That is the reason for my poem, I know it is not in a regular poem font or very poetic like, but to me, logic can be it's own poetry.

Thank you for reading my comment and my poem.





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