Blink of an Eye


A word descriptive of our current society

A generation that's become submissive to this culture.

Numb to everyone else's feeling or thoughts yet

Always worrying about your neighbor.

What kind of whip they're in.

What kind of clothes they wear.

How many women they're with.

How many followers you have on Instagram.

How many likes you get on Facebook.

How many pair of J's you got in your closet.

How many Michael Kors' bag you own.


Constantly placing dollar signs over the heads of people

Based on these attributes

On how shiny the carots on their watch is.

On how many chains you got around your neck.

How big the rimes on your car are

What the make and year model it is.

How many commas you got in your bank account

And the absence of these objects

Determines that you are worthless

Not valuable enough or utile perhaps to society


We allow these superficial objects to own us

To manipulate us like puppets 

Controlled by brands

To get the better of us 

Often times to turn our backs against one another

We mock and ridicule those below us

Who are not at our stature

Instead of thanking God 

For the position we're in 

For the blessings bestowed upon us.

All for the sake of money

That people notice what we own

The sake of pride and fictitious entitlements.


A generation indifferent to the simple things

Nature and family

Being one with nature and God

On our phones more than we're on our knees 

Unable to comunicate civilly

And carry on an intellectual coversation

Scrolling throw meaningless posts for the sake of acceptance

And constantly judging others to feel superior.


We forget how happy we were before all these things came along

A time much more simple yet genuine and jubilant

Making snowmans outside with mom and dad

Playing hide and seek with friends

Going for a walk to the park

Walks on the sandy beach

Witnessing the sun as it sets

Laying on the soft green grass to rest

Simply being a innocent, naive kid

Let us embrace these beautiful pieces of happiness

And not be slaves to this society


Always trying to convey perfection superiority.


Oh, what I would give to go back to those old days!

For they were the best of my life

One day,

All these objects will vanish

And we will be left with nothing but our souls

Then it will no longer matter how many chains you wear around your neck

The size of your wallet

The zeros in your bank account

Nor the brands that you wear

These things will vanish quicker than a blink of a eye.




This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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