Red Lipstick


United States

Every morning prior to the bedlam of alarm clocks,
a smile sat royally on the throne of her majestic face.
One arm thoroughly rested across her abdomen,
why the other searches for an abeyant lover that
was carried away with the secrets of one-night stands.

Her heart never saw it coming, but love only blooms when
scars become lessons and not shackles. She hasn't slept this
good since 4 fridays ago, when her 1st love came home
2 hours late, for the 3rd time that week.

Red Lipstick smeared on a smooth white linen shirt.
Her eyes precariously avoiding contact. His arms attempting
to swallow her chateau, he leans in for the kiss, she turns her head
as if he pinned his calloused palms against the gentle mask she's
now wearing.

Tears begin to surface but her mother's words echo through
a distant memory - if you don't  know your worth, who will?
His voice sounds miles away; the world feels like one oversized
graveyard full of frigid hollowness. Her blood is boiling like blistering lava.
Trembles start to spread throughout her fragile body.

She wants to escape the dread, but the brown mahogany cork floor feels like
quicksand tugging at her feet. She surrenders everything except her bare soul.

He use to say whenever their lips locked it was like finding a key to heaven.
He use to say forever wasn't long enough.
He use to say nothing and she knew exactly what he meant.

A tear dribbles down her delicate skin and sky dives off her face.
The second it hits the floor she fades back into reality. Greeted by
his rues, she slowly turns her head like the knob of a door that
holds a room full of mysteries and takes one last look into
the eyes of the man she use to call her soul mate.


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