What do you see?

Those people

With deep colored skin,

And coarse kinky hair,

With dark brown eyes,

And cheekbones high and fair.

What do you think of those people?

Who live a life,

that's a walking stereotype

And were once trampled to the ground.

I’ll tell you a story of those people;

People who caused discomfort when they came around.

They were considered different, not of the same crowd.

A people who were underestimated,

Whose ideas were not considered sound.

I’ll tell you of a people,

Who were formerly lost, and for so long formerly bound.

Look at those people,

Who were chained, contained and misunderstood.

But they were people who fought for their rights,

And in some cases fought for their life.

Who, because of their skin, succumbed to another man’s strife.

And yet they are people,

With two eyes,

With blood that runs red,

Who can breathe and who can die.

So, what do you see

When you see those people?

Because they are the same,

Human and equal.

What you should see Is someone like you.

No longer should you say “those people”

Say, "these are my people too.”



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