A wish through the pores

Years has is it become

Seeing eye to eye

But very words

Gave thrills and shrills

To both, separated

By approx. of 618.6 km

And taking a 8 hour long travel

Reaching by 7 in the morn


With light

Joy ended yet sadness came hoping on again

A remembrance came in mind of an old stranger?

Yet with shaky hands did a call go out


A sudden call which did raise hearts to pump up high in fears for both

Backs to sweat, mouth to dry, butterflies did fly

Mind thought much on what to talk

Heart beat was high, grape like eyes enlarged

Everything shivered to natures tune of cold


And a sudden diversions bloomed from sweet home

On the journey so far

Again the couplets did talk

For some minutes long

Words so little, for what


Could be talked over to a foe more?

Yet with shivers of Novembers cold

Did the birds with love in heart talk

After a long time


For some time did hearts calm

No heated arguments a lot

But calmness spread in mind


Yet for one the wind

In the mind

Moved on

To a world of tone and tune

And so was there was to be a cut

A kind cut


Until next time

They would ever meet through

The voices of the pores

Of their phones again



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