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To you having control is the most
You own everything, from houses to cars
You snap your fingers thinking everyone is your dog
Get what you want and work for nothing at all
Yeah, that the life of a spoil rot
Don't care about the poor or needy your just greedy
Step on the toes of the ones that care for you most

You have a kingdom but not even royalty
Well in your eyes I guess that's what you see
Speak with candor, not worried 'bout feelings
No retribution with the fear around ya
Have everything your way like nasty McDonalds
You look good on the outside but your horrible on the inside
You think I'm finished well I'm just getting started

Family run away from you, you think your mother abandoned you
When you go to church and act as though praising God is gonna save you
Preying on people that don't have the best as you
You should be ashamed of you
Who would want to be around you?!
You should be afraid of you
Money will get the best of you
Rolling around here like no one can handle you
Your right because that silver spoon will handle you
Having all as you see doesn't filter your flaws in you
While your raising hell at all don't doubt for a second
That kingdom in your world is gonna fall

-Ashlee Briddell


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