Everything we do is so fast

And so fragile

We don't consider that everything is temporary

We plunge ourselves headfirst into everything we do

We throw ourselves into out into the world

Body first

Mind second

And usually end up scraped up for our troubles

But we get back up

We lick our wounds

And we move on

To the next adventure

The next thing we want to change

That's why humans are so beautiful

We know we won't be here forever

Yet we leave our mark on the world anyway

However infinitesimal that may be

We think

We learn

We grow

Then, the truly amazing thing,

We turn around and teach others

People like Shakespeare, Da Vinci, Maya Angelou

They inspire generations

To be creative

And thoughtful

And kind

Because when you write and paint and create

You are made of heart

And that makes you kind

That makes you an artist

But being that person

Being able to see the world that way

Is artistry in and of itself

So really, everything about you is art

You are art

And like art you are deep



And often times, confusing

But most of all,

You are beautiful

You are the kind of serendipitous beauty that feels surreal

Even as you hold it in your hands

Breathe it in

And feel it surround you

Become a part of you

Even then

You are art

Come to life.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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