People are just People

People are just people

who are people regardless

of their color,

I just found this out.


They have their likes

and dislikes

disinterests and passions.


Some are simple

many are complex

lots are mean

ole' nasty selfish bigots

and powerful spokemen

and women.


They shouldn't just be constrained

by stereotypes or roles created in society

or guidelines on how to act as humans.


They shouldn't be given a spread sheet

on what to say or how to be.

they should be free

as unlimited as the sky is 

not cooped up in captivity.


There shouldn't be boundaries

to the human imagination.


There will be people who live 

different or weird lifestyles

from my own,

they will share views not of my own

but i should respect their 

fundamentals on being human

as I do my own.


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