Wed, 09/24/2014 - 18:30 -- artibe

I always wanted to be different, to have those pretty words roll over my tongue and fit in the cacophony of sounds

i didn't want to sit by myself at the lunchroom, wanted a crowd of admirers 

I wanted recognition

want, recognition

but I'm not gonna think again before I learn something to say, maybe a couple words of French, some German and slip Spanish in there for good measure

good riddance, they say

too many punk kids in the world already, you aren't contaminated yet

i see you, though, I see you at the corner of my eyes when I look away from my fancy, white-American entitled life

i see your music and your culture and your words that you wish would go away because there's nobody there to listen

And maybe there isn't still but you can give me a shot,





me before I slip into that world of fancy china and please, and thank you- too privledged to know what I'm asking for

i want danger but I want to be able to hide

where's love without heartbreak

or VICTORY without a loser?

maybe I'm gonna be one of them


but teach me to talk, teach me to roll those words off my tongue and slide 'em around, make sure they fit real good

feels like wearing a mouthful of pebbles, but I like it

determined to do this, so determined to be wrong

just for once in my life, I don't want to be perfect and white and privledged and I want you to take me somewhere else where death is easy as skateboarding, religion's everything

where girls can't afford to starve themselves because everyone else's doing it for them


here's my ticket, got it when my parents looked away 

they never cared, 'cepting the times I got beat down for missing an answer

so please, fly me away 


vola, sil'vous plait



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