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Smile. Laugh. Nod.
Impersonate a goddess.
Your smile is fake.
Your laugh is fake.
Everything is fake, fake, fake.
You’re not happy.
You settled for less.
The actions you’re demonstrating are only to impress.
When you put on the dress and high heels, you felt different.
You didn’t feel like yourself.
You continued the lie and fake words, not wanting the night to be a waste.
You danced, smiled, and veiled joy over your face and body.
You were the empty shell of somebody else.
Your own happiness aside, you made sure everyone had a good time.
But inside, it was misery at its finest.
Towards the end of the night, the act was finally over.
Blank expressions, indifferent smiles, leery eyes.
Keeping your eyes on the window.
You didn’t have to pretend anymore.
You left it all at the door without a care in the world.
Slowly, you went to bed, thinking about what you just did.
You’re not sure what you just did.
You were a doll made of plastic for people you don’t care for.
For tonight, you’ll forget it and hope it won’t come back to haunt you.
You did what you had to.
You were a real big fake.


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