Nature's Melody


United States
34° 59' 40.1532" N, 81° 3' 12.186" W

The World ending in Fire,
or perhaps in Ice,
Possibly Darkness,
Maybe Light.

The Fires of Passion.
Glaciers of Hatred.
The Fear of Darkness.
Light of Acceptance.

Inspired from the Earth,
The Song She Wails.
As we destroy her Virtues.

The Pain as the Rain falls.
Her tears soak the ground.

Flowers reach,
Longing to take Flight,
away from the Savage ground.

Dandelion wishes seek refuge in the wind,
only to come crashing down again.

Dawn's Fingertips caress the Eastern horizon,
Dusk's brush the Western skyline.

Silver beams dance across the endless black abyss,
Night engulfs the land.

Sweet silence,
The gentle Wind sighs,
Bending the downy grasses.

All is still.

Rosey kisses,
Golden aurora, casting the Heavens aglow.

Euphonic birdsong...

Illustrious Daybreak.
Impassioned Nightfall.

Nature's Melody.


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