Did you know people have pain they never show.Everyone has a story hidden in their hearts.Some are hurt; others broken and that's not the worst part.The worst part is you never noticed thisor maybe it was just missed in this consuming abyss we call life. What about him?The boy who daydreams his life away.Just to escape the pain he feels everyday. Pain from the hate filled words strangers like to say.  Or the girl you always see writing to keep herself fighting. Fighting the thoughts on her mind and the pain she has gained over time.  What about that old man;would you believe me if I say he fought in Iran?Now you see that old man has lived though wars you have never seen.Now his brain is split between.  So don't you see.Everyone's trying to escape realityjust to keep themselves saneby shealding themselves from the pain.We all try to escape. So why try to denyit; 'cause we all want to be free so why lie?

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