Humanity On the Shore

No one has time,

But there's always time

To complain.

No one sees,

But they do.

No one cares

In this world

We once called home.

I only know

What I've been told,

Say my teachers.

And that's not much

'Cause I'm intellectual,

Instead of mathmatical.

I'm a creature that needs more time.

I want to believe in a humanity

That God sent His son to die for.

I want to love and create and be,

But this world is slowly taking that away from me.

How can we remember,

Who we used to be,

If every way,

We take away,

The parts of us

We'd like to see.

And the houses on the shores

Are nice and all.

But soon, I implore,

They won't be on the shore,

But in the water,

Gone like ghosts,

In sight,

Out of sight,


No more.

If we all had wings,

We wouldn't see them.

We ground our selves

To technology.

Technology has become us,

The earth apart from us.

And I am amongst the falling shore,

The falling shore,

The tide of




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