We are the Same


United States
33° 25' 5.9376" N, 111° 55' 52.2984" W

My fingers are tingling
For you

Your smooth skin
And liquid personality

Like fire, taking control
Quick whip of authority

When needed, of course.
Leader. Hawk, is what they call you

I see beneath those deep
Dark eyes like a black hole

But there’s nothing to be afraid of
I trust you like a candle does its flame

A secret, pain perhaps
That runs deep yet is bound

You’re skilled. For it’s buried
Deep by your ravishing personality

Humor and a flash of white smile
To hide the thoughts, and pain at night

But I’m not like the others
I see. You.

A needle prick upon my finger
Infected with curiosity

The feeling of safety
Only a baby feels in its mother’s arms

Take me- like our bodies
Are atoms bound to collide

Imminent yet pulled by the shadows
Of our past. Careful, slow

Savoring the moments like
A thick stake. Beautiful

Sweet bliss
Like young teenagers

Grasping loving hands and
Dancing long into the night


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