Close your eyes.

Imagine for a moment you wake up because someone is screaming;

Imagine that he or she is begging for help;

Imagine how the tears fill up your eyes,

When you realize that there's nothing you can do.


Imagine for a moment, that you live somewhere else.

Imagine you don't have anything;

Imagine you have to see every single day how someone is murdered.


Imagine you're alone,

Imagine you're hungry.

And then, when you thought there was no hope

Someone comes and gives you a chance to eat,

But you ought to do something in exchange...

You have to kill someone.


Imagine that you try to escape so you run as fast as you can,

And you get to a beautiful park.

Imagine you see all the rich families walking away from you; 

Because you're dirty, 

Because you smell,

Because you're different.

Imagine you're crying, trying to make a decision.


Then, you go to a beautiful, white house.

You see the prize and you take it.

You run away.


You were hungry, and now you have food.

You were different, but now you can look just like them.

At what cost?

You look clean, yet you feel dirty.

You have everything, but you're empty.

Now you're walking on the border of a bridge.

You don't think,

You just jump and fly.


Open your eyes.

Life doesn't seem so hard now, huh?

I know it's hard sometimes,

But I also know it could be worse.

Just greet the day,

And imagine everything will get better.





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