Love is...

We are a messed up generation

We hurt the ones that love us the most

and love the people that couldn't give two shits about us

Time has warped my view as to what the word "love" really means

Some of us confuse it 

We confuse it with frivolous items that have no soul

We confuse with fancy dinners and nice smiles

We confuse it with wrestling matches between the sheets

Some of us say it because our mind has tricked us and led us to believe it is the real thing

Some of us say it because we try to fool our hearts and force ourselves to feel things that actually aren't there

I don't understand it

I look for it

I try to break it down into logic

But love has no logic

Love has no pattern

Love has no set formula

A man could wine and dine a woman but she still could not love him

A man could treat a woman worse than dirt, but she could still see the sun and stars in his eyes

I don't understand it

It is a game

A vicious game of who's heart is closer to the edge than the other

Love is the most dangerous thing in the world

...yet it is what everyone needs the most.


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