Tati Who.


Tati who has wings like a blanket

and asks who loves him

who is wind and a rock and a shoulder

who is a trailblazer and an alarm clock

whose hair is like the breath of a kite,

like the tip of a snow-capped mountain

is too busy to not say "I'm proud"

who is a distant neighbor today, 

a dear friend tomorrow

whose face is scarred from smiling,

polished from crying,

hardened from life

who is gone with the morning sun

who laughs less and less

and grows wiser by the minute

is a glass half full

a leaf stretching towards the sun

who has four stomachs

who is never first

who sings in his own words,

in a private language

who is an uncertain tune

the plinking of an acoustic guitar

who is the unpredictable mood of the sky at sunset

whose wings cover like a blanket

asking who loves him

who loves him who?


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