I Am More Than


I know you want me to do the dishes and the laundry as well as cook dinner for our family and make their beds. I know you don’t expect my brother to do any of this. I know you’ll always say: “What will your mother-in-law think if you complain?” if I point out the double standard.


Is my only purpose in life to get married and bear children? If yes, then why do you want me to continue my education? Why shouldn’t I just marry right after high school?


I understand you grew up in a different time, a different culture. But please understand that in the country you immigrated to, gender roles aren’t fixed. This is the society I grew up in. I can’t become the perfect housewife that you want.

I’m sorry, Grandma. You were pulled out of school when you were nine because your father believed women shouldn’t be educated. You were never able to realize your potential. But I know what I am capable of. I am more than cooking and cleaning. I am more than someone’s future daughter-in-law. I am more than a breeder. I am more than the limitations you have placed on me.

To anyone who thinks they can define me: I define who I am. Not you. 


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