Self kryptonite

I know tonight we had a fight

I know I lost with all my might

Because I'm my own Kryptonite

I know I broke us up tonight


Why did I accept all the lies? 

I bottled myself up forget who I was for you.

Did you ever know who hid behind these eyes?

how could I think that I was wise to hide the truth?

you only loved my body our relationship shallow 

I couldn` t let you see me as a girl broken and hallow.


I was nothing more than a foolish chid when you met me.

I belived happiness was found in marriage 

love in seeing my child in a baby carriage.

blinded to all of your flaws

when you didn`t like how i looked you hit me causing damage 

our fights opened a woned a look into my past I couldn't bandage


All I ever wanted was a man to love me and filled that void

All I wanted was the love my daddy never gave 

All I wanted was a childhood I couldn't save

My friends told me to dump you that i had changed 

but when you kissed my lips you gave me the hope I crave

but when you said you loved me I became your slave


I didn`t know that it was wrong forr you to get mad when i talked to guy

two broken souls can't make eachother whole

I can't get back the childhood my father stole

I didn`t know til you hit me and I fled in the night

I just got to accept myself, and find out my role

What is my life's goal?


I know tonight we had a fight

I know I lost with all my might

I'm my own kryptonite 

I know I broke us up tonight


So that I could move on



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