A burden becomes a bond

With four neglected words, but

“Can I help you ma’am/sir”

Were lost in this fast paced world

We don’t take the time to ask because

We don’t want to imply that they can’t do it on their own

Ipod, ipad, imac, iphone

I, I, I, spend so much time on me

I don’t have time for you or a “we”

We measure our worth by our followers on twitter

Or the number of likes we get on an instagram picture

All while ignoring the ones who matter

Although who has time for others when

we spend it all on finding more?

Isn’t that what technology was made for?

To save us time? It was. (dramatic pause)

But with the time that we freed

Our hearts were filled with greed

Our desire for convenience never satisfied

Because There’s no ceiling and no floor-

no line drawn for technology

Opening door after door after door

Not for someone else, but for our convenience,

to save the time we waste away

On hollow devices day by day

Round and round and round we go

When it stops... nobody knows each other.



Poetry Slam: 
This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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