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This girl, she lives a normal life everyday, she wakes up, gets ready and goes to school. She is physically there but not mentally or emotionally. She goes off wondering how long is abuelita going to be with us, when will her time come up. She wonders who she is, who she has become. She wonders if she truly has friends because when it comes down to it she can not count on a single person. She remembered as she read her twins letter yesterday and started to tear up, but then she realized that she could not possibly tell her twin everything, simply because she felt as if she didn't have a twin anymore... She began to wonder if not her twin perhaps her buddy but she realized that she hasn't talked to her buddy in weeks, he isn't as open as he was before so how could she be. Next came her "sis" she realized that she hadn't had any form of contact with her for over 2 months, so she couldn't possibly talk to her... She thought of her fellow sister in Christ, whom she somewhat has deep leveled conversations with her occasionally but for some reason they hadn't had such conversations in a while... She now thinks of the 2 girls she hangs out with most of the time but they have only been talking about senior trip... So now she wonders... when the exact moment was that she lost contact with her 'friends, her buddy, her sisters, and her twin' she wonders who can she talk to, who can she count on, when she looks to see that she stands alone... And so the girl wonders how long she will be able to continue living such a life...



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