To an old, fake friend

How long will it take you to realize you are fake?

Don't you see, people are leaving you alone, doesn't your heart ache?

I thought we were friends, but you are just a nasty snake.

Our acquaintance, because it has never been true friendship goes back years and years

I think I wanted to stick with you because you seemed cool, 

I really wanted to be your peer.

I don't know who do you want to impress, yes, you can sing, but then?

Most of the time, you made a fool of yourself around school.

Your personality is vain, and so is your lack of moral,

you think you are pretty and famous, but your chorus is so normal

you ain't no one, and never will be,

you fake an attitude of a leader, as if you want to be Queen Bee.

Forget about it, honey. You will forever be a wannabe. 

I don't know why I wanted to be associated with you

maybe for pity, maybe because I wanted people to like me too

but, you know what? I may not have talents,

but of one thing I'm sure,

I'll always be better than you. 

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My community


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