Don't Take It for Granted


Would you just suck it up already?

The complaining,

the whining,

the pouting,

the absolute insanity.

You don't know

how good you've got it.

You're ignorant to those who suffer.

You're blind to those in need.

You'e ungrateful

for the things you have,

for your health,

and for the people who have


been there for you.

Instead of thanking

the tens of thousands

of people who have affected your life

you wallow in self pity.

And I have no sympathy for you.




You couldn't dig a whole

large enough for your

need of satisfaction.

Stop complaining

about your phone being slow.

Be thankful that you have one.

Stop whining

about having to write an essay.

At least you have an education.

Stop pouting

about that hangnail.

And be grateful,

that you are

an able bodied,

intelligent person

with people who love you.

Others don't have

what you have, so...


Don't take it for





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