Man Behind the Photo


The man behind the photo is unknown

his true nature are within the pixles of a picture

his facial expression like the cover of a book

but the contents are unknown

its author is the same person

there is no title for the picture

only descriptive words bring out its true potential

the same potential you can be unsure about

as for myself a picture only captures a moment

a video captures moments

32 frames per second to be exact

who knows what moment was captured

it all has been rolled into one

beyond the frame

beyond a video

there is much more

a senior headed off to college

ready for what would be a whole new world

working for the public

and supporting those alone

lending a hand when needed

and looking t the future

the same future a picture cannot capture

the same future a video cannot capture

over time as things move on

one moment has been captured

while millions continue to happen

the mind continues to happen

the mind determines the next steps

the picture only stays stuck in the process

the mind is eternal

the man is no longer unknown


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