Be yourself because everybody else it taken


Be yourself they say 

its ok your no different from the rest 

But as soon as you choose to step out the closet

Its like your all a mess

You cant be different

if you have a mindeset 

of everybody else

No one cares 

until your down and out

feeling like

everyody else

they say be yourself

be youself

i tried that 

i wont hide that

but being myself

only made me want to put my pride back

step back

in the closet

where im doing good by myself

i wish I could express more


This a world with no help

Be yourself they say because everybody else is taken

But as soon as you choose to go your own way

its like 100 new rules


im confused




you told me be myself

you never said it would hurt

you told me be myself

you never said youll do me for the dirt

you told me be myself because everybody is taken

but why when I choose to be myself

you act like you want to replace me . 



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