The Drive

Broken people,
Lost and delirious.
Where to go from here?

Their empty, colorless eyes look at me,
Begging for relief.
For sympathy.

I am continually saddened by their state,
And there is nothing I can do to aid them.


Give me a few years,
A lot of school,
Some wrong turns,

And I’ll end up coming to a place where I can help people.

Currently I do not have the experience or the knowledge to heal these people,

But one day I will.

One day I will have the power to change their health, and their life,
For the better.

I have the drive to get there.

I believe in my dreams:
My inspiration to get me through the hard stuff.

These people who have been so wronged,
Inspire me and drive my work ethic.
These people are what will keep me going when I feel weak.

These people are what give me the drive to make a difference.


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