bringing the sunshine

Catching the snowflakes as they fall

The taste of winter cold and clear 

Staring at the frosty swirls etched upon the windows adoringly

The heavy blue clouds entrap the sky in their folds

Winter has descended   

And I sit on the cold frozen ground   

Sacrificing my feeble warmth to the earth

Brimming with joy at the bitter cold and grey

People pass by

Busy as can be  

Snow is only a nuisance

The ice a hazard

The cold a burden

To me they are exotic things not seen in many moons

Many seasons, many years 

Since I have seen trees dressed in their frozen-white garb

The sky and ground melding, freezing into one entity.

I wish I could give these winter people my sunshine   

My muggy days, frizzy hair, and sweat trickling down in rivulets 

Like silent tears begging for that break a storm would bring

But that will not come for weeks 

As the ground cracks and crumbles  

while the sky remains a swamp.  

So I will send them this note 

A bottle of sunshine to warm their hearts to winter  

While I harden to the cold 

They will soften to warm 

And one day we will look at each other 

And know we are the same under our jackets and parkas

Under our tan lines and bleached hair

They will not laugh when I dance in the snow

I will not laugh as they bask in the sun

Because there will be no them and me  

In sun and snow we are only we.   




This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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