Thu, 10/03/2013 - 14:44 -- ivy5000


So black and white

You'll never understand

The smudges and strokes

Of my untrained hand


The lines and confines of my several binds

That bind and tie lies to those who must die

For those who must hide behind those who have died

For I who write and re-write to make right what's been wronged

By the means of a lyrical song-

Like sound of the mouth in which words won't come out

He'll shout and she'll shout

Of points with no meaning

For those who have forgotten what life is about

What lives bring to sprout


Newness renewed with rain so astute

It cleanses the soot off the stoop

As I sit and write in black and white

As I sit in situations so complicated

You'll never understand

You may not understand, nor may you ever

However, knowing Perception is to percieve my conception

Of misconception and your comprehension of


The rain

Hitting my paper laid across my lap

That falls from a sky so much nearer than imagined

I will stroke I will stroke \

Repeatedly away

But my hand will shake and that's the way it'll stay

He will stay she will stay

But what we all forgot to say

Was that while the forgotten were forgotten and the dead weren't alive

We were all here working to strive

For what we had forgotten we had had in our minds

Because we were too blinded by our confines and our binds


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