Today's World


Darkened skies, and places of dismay
Violence, deaths are the best way to describe today
Malevolent personalities and families that stray
Homeless people, jobless people, tend to struggle everyday

History can repeat itself but people don't realize
Instead they find alternatives to re-strategize
But the easier thing to do is simply open up your eyes
Cause real eyes may be able to see all of the lies

If the world was different and people loved more the world would be better
The world is so cold that you can tell someone to wear a sweater
Mother nature had her down falls and we cannot second guess her
The world is going to repeat itself and we cannot say whether

There is some things that we could never change, but we can savour our life
Put in good work, cause after all we'll be paid for our strife
Have a smart mentality and smile and live everyday like its your past
Cause you'll never know if tomorrow is your last.

                                               Nellisa Benjamin


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