Suicide Bed


I pop Xanax like it's candy,

Because the doctors told me to keep it handy.


Yes, they told me that, I think?

You know, that crazy shrink?


It's an ode to irony, you see;

To send crazy people to doctors who are crazier than me.


I'm too screwed up in the head.

If it's up to them I'll soon be dead.


But it's best to keep it in your head, 

Once I spoke and an insane asylum tried to tie me to a bed.


Thanks again for that, Mom and Dad.

You're the sickest parents I could have had.


No, I don't mean cool or chill.

Those people are mentally ill, they need to pop their own pill.


Am I talking to myself?

Mom, Dad, is there anyone else?


Silence, but that's life, it's just me now.

Someone tried to raise me but didn't know how.


And so it goes again,

My friends will loose another friend.


Heaven, save me a spot. 

It looks like you're all I've got.


I'll be here resting my head,

Waiting in my suicide bed.





Dope AF

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