A Hip Hop Revolution

Fri, 10/04/2013 - 21:14 -- yamig29




Competition in this generation marks the determination of


We will be those who carry insanity

Our craniums are crosswords of metaphors except the answers sometimes don’t match up with the numbers

Our minds are doors left open because we’ve recognized our power and decided to let wonders roam worlds that might clash with others

We have de la soul that’s killin’ us softly coming from a gangster’s paradise

This paradise detrimental to the souls and the youth but you can’t break the cycle cause “yolo”

 the ghetto remains in the bloods of the kings of the coast wars

This is spoken word the cousin of hip-hop

 who seem to be distant from one another

but in reality they are from the same mother

Of beats rhythms rhyme with rhyme and time and after time I’ve drowned in my own mind because they spit about dimes and crime after crime they drown in their grime

Turntables now run backwards, mix tapes record, record amounts of reckless senseless notions that have made it lose its power

Brooklyn seems to be going through series of identity complexes

Its DNA thread of hip-hop is long forgotten 

Hip-hop encodes genetic instruction used to develop living organisms

Because hip hop is biology, it is also philosophy

My fascination with hip-hop has let me see authenticity

Like wu tang this stuff is forever a

prism of messages compressed into minimal space

it should elevate consciousness

Hip hop is forever hip hop is in the past and right now I am ask how long does forever last


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