Mine or yours?

Thu, 07/18/2013 - 19:02 -- Quencie

Why you? The one i adore. Why you? The one with a high score. Why you? Who seem so real. Why you? The one whos skin always peel. Why you? Who makes my blood boil. Why you? Who's mind is soiled. Why you? Who sweeps my mind. Why you? Who made me so blind. Why you? Who always lied. . .But I know why. You stole my heart. Who blew my love into the sky. The one who i always thought of. The one i spent what seemed like hours with. The one i argued with. the one i only listened to. for the thought of losing you made me obey. But you pushed me, pushed me over the edge. Its was you who got lost on the way, you who made me stay. Not no more. I am sure. You who just lost the world.


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