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Average, Normal, Typical, Who has the say to define such? Who has the say to define beauty, class, status? All is crafted and twined by mankind.
The filters that are placed over my image Will be removed The actions I take will occur, and never disturb my mood The flesh that sags on my skeleton Will no longer pick at my esteem
Yellow leaves, from the maple tree that lined our street Falling stars race across the sky; it makes me fall to my feet
I dont believe in love.Wait actually, I dont believe love exists.Just look at the world. People rape. People kill.We pollute. We bully.People hurt eachother.We hurt ourselves.
Beauty comes from with Not from makeup and chemicals Beauty if how you are born You come in cleansed
If CHANGE were loose change- Coins found haphazardly in the seat of a sofa or trapped in the crack of the sidewalk The world would be a different place Loose change with little value
She makes it           The best that she can She holds it up           Like cupping water                    Keeping her cool           And splashing cold numbness                    Up on her face
What would you change? You might shout out your own incompleteness You might notice that in the body Body of Christ there are many members How about how many languages do you speak?
for good and all
She lays still on the ivory bed Her pale face devoid of life I sit near her and hear the rhythm of the machine It's taunting sounds beating at my chest How weak of me as I wait
If I had the choice of a billion years, I would try to disapear. If I had to write a book, I'd rather cook. If I could fly, People won't die. I want to be a Super Woman,
I asked him once if he narrates things in his head The way that I do The way that We. Do. "GIRLS," society screams, "LOVELY, LONELY, UNKNOWINGLY BEAUTIFUL GIRLS!"
I want young girls to be able to look in the mirror and not want to cry because someone made them believe they were "too curvy" for their liking.
Prejudiced discrimination is rampant in today's society. You discriminate because your classmate isn't as smart as you are- He has never before had an opportunity to be educated.
World hunger, what a shame, This is a real problem, its not a game, So many sit back and watch, and they are lame, Get up and help to make a change, Once everyone has food on thier plate,
   Behind these bright eyes, happy face, and childish glow, are scars deep within my soul. I may be young but it is not hard to grasp,
I'm all alone on this rainy, cold and empty street.  Where have you gone? Do you still care about me? Look i see a light on! I'm limping up to the door hoping to find you there.
Everybody wants a chance to change the world
Whisper in my ears “I love you” For it is an act of my ecstasy Those words I live for daily The love we shared eternally   Whisper in my ears “I love you” For it etched a tattoo in my soul
A change can alter the world From the change of wind for Columbus Or a single intake of wind in a different direction If a slight step is retaken in a new way The world will shift  
What would I change? Shall I start with the ignorance haze Consisting of obscuring fear Blinding people to yell, "The end is near!"? When they cause their end And the farewells to their friends
Parents try to raise you right And teach you it's not good to fight. Always be good they said. Don't be a bully they said. Two statements that stay in my head. Practice what you preach,
What do you see, when you look at me? What do you hear, are you even listening to me? Every day I wake up is a challenge. People everywhere, every day, every minute, every second. Not many notice.
They say that You cannot count All the stars; But as I stand outside My apartment I can use Only one finger For each star in the sky. And I cry because I am lost.
I am a woman The first thing you see is my body Then my face     I am a woman A slut if my heart loves several men A bitch if I speak with force & determination    
Doubt Whe black clouded monster Under which confusion and chaos And self-loathing and grief Drown the souls of the inspirational dreamer and Slowly Kill Their hope
How could the world be made a better place? With cancer cured? No weapons? No abused animals? Or human trafficking?   If I could change this, they'd come back again.
The catatonic, ironic void of plutonic perception – slips off like sleeves. Tease a fetish, fleshed by faith Till base-lines of broader bones – sculpt an age with ease.
Sometimes I wish you had more passion. Sometimes I wish your desire would take control. Sometimes I wish you'd just let it all go. Sometimes I wish you were different...
I used to write poetry, but it writes me. It's not that good anymore.
You say you want WOLD PEACE but your not willing to fight for the one thing you believe  you think its impossible  for the sun to shine on everyone a the same time I believe
I wish I could change the world,
I dream of the day I write of a lost love,
What is society To you and me? No, What is society? You and me.   Socius, societas, society. Comrade, friend, ally. How far we have come.  
Si pudiera retroceder el tiempo, No habría ningún límite de lo que podría hacer. Con certeza, estudiaría más para mis exámenes de WHAP, Y haría más esfuerzo en todo que hago. Visitaría a mi tía por última vez;
There is only one reason. 
The things that I'd change would be minds and heartsWhen the clock strikes the miracle hourThe peace that's been lostAt innumerable costsWould return with unity once ours  
Long legs Long arms Slender Smooth Like a chair   You sit on me So much that You made me change Myself to suit Your needs
If I could change the world I would not start with civil rights Or sorrowful, sleepness nights Or stopping all the senseless fights   I would not start with prostitutes Or giving people therapy
If I had the chance to change one thing To a better world, this change would bring The eradication of ignorance for discrimination would be key Freedom from this cage in which we keep  
The sky is as vast As the ocean is blue. I am unique And so are you.
With the power to change Only one thing,
  The world is truly made by the sum of all its parts.  
I wake up every morningTo see those eyes staring back at me Broken and bruisedDying and confused Living every dayNot wanting to live the nextWeighing downMy still-beating heart
No need to question your view
When I slither down his throat I sit and rest in pride. I have conquered him once again,
Hey beautiful! Wait……What does that even mean? Beautiful? It means something that is gorgeous, stunning, jaw dropping. No those are synonyms, thesaurus definitions. Tell me what actual beauty is.
Cancer is what I would change Uproot its viciousness Remove its threat Eliminate this dreadful disease
Big kitty cat eyes, Innocent puppy dog cries. Homeless animals melt my heart, I have to step up and do my part. I want to save the cats and dogs, but first let me give some applause.
We all feel like we’re worthless I’m not good enough I’m not pretty enough or thin enough Or I’m too short, too tall I feel like my parents secretly hate me And I’m the joke my friends are laughing at
Appreciate. Appreciate the thoughts that come to the mind you were blessed with. The mind that’s capable of flying to the moon and raising a newborn child. Appreciate.
Trapped in a cage with no way out Not a cage with walls  Just rooms scattered through halls Every now and then you hear a shout   Women who have been hurt They flee this brutal instititution
People every day struggle The worries and dilemmas, Life's a constant struggle. I'd change reactions.   A smile from the stranger Two rows back on the bus, A kind word from the neighbor
I was once that vain and bitter child The one who wept because nothing went right.
  I would change the view of a minority, A minority currently is, Anyone who has squinted eyes, Or is darker than the average spray tan, but naturally.   Minorities are gifted,
  Decayed Tears drench down sunk in faces.
Only you can make things as hard as they may seem You have questions.... wondering what you can do  Pondering on many thoughts that you think only you think
Dirty skies and trees,The gift we’ve left ourselve
Mirroring an image society has given, To be our own individual, Don't listen to what others say. Yet we criticize others,
I play, I laugh, and I cry. But mainly I cry, a lot.
You hear it all the time The cliched,  "There are only two types of people in the world..." But the world is more than just black and white
Greed is the core of all evil. It burns with the molten fury of the middle of the sun. It spreads through society, branding everyone. It creeps on you,
Why must they hurt for the sin of our crime? For the hate that we chime? We hear but do not listen, We look but do not see. Distracted towards the right of humanity,  But blinded by the greed of sanity.
Do you ever wonder what it's like to not eat for a whole day? Do you understand what you are doing when you throw your food away?
Thoughts are as common as the world And at the same time they shape it Sticking to our detailed minds making them twirl
The guns ring one last shot
Just a moment of our lives,  Thinking about every second, Not even caring about the person walking right past us.  It's all about ourselves time and time,
Apocalypse It’s the new thing Movies, books, everywhere We think we are safe Hiding behind the screen
Change- Good, bad, or otherwise; Some like it. Some don't. But change must take place For the world to stay alive. God must enter the hearts Of those who want to thrive.
Take a sip The cool kids say. And you do, because it's your life, you chose it this way. So you guzzle it down to your parents' dismay. Cuz you're "sick,"  and you live in today.  
Inspiration Where does it come from? Echos believe it comes from the places we've been. Whispers believe it comes from the things we have seen. All I know is that it comes to us in slow waves.
To be content with oneself is so rare It's more accepted to hate Rather than love  The soul one carries And the body which encases it.   Flaws are burnished in the fires of self-deprecation
gold.  nothing but gold.  all is gold. enters no one bold.
From the color of her skin to the definition of that boy's chin What can I change?
If I could change the world, I'd know exactly where to start I would start with the people who could'nt find their hearts The people who turn their heads away when someone needs help
How many second chances are we given on a day to day basis? Second chances are good, but not when the first chance was lazily wasted. Chances give us opportunites to improve...but at what bitter cost?
Infatuated with ourselves We bath in crops of greed Sown through our hubris,  Ignoring the whelps of need.   A scourged culture, made To feast on each other obsessively
How DARE I show skin How DARE I speak up How DARE I be curvy Or skinny Or tall Or short Or bulky How DARE I be me. I am a woman That does not lessen me I speak up
Yesterday, I thought I would change the world, So I walked outside to see it all Thinking, "Where should I start?" So I began my search.   I looked to the sky, I looked to the seas
  Give a baby a hundred-dollar bill She’ll shove it in her mouth And immediately spit it out Because she’d rather suck her own thumb She hates the taste of strangers’ fingers That is just gross to her
If I change just one thing, I’d slow the world down a few.Just for a day, an hour, a minute or two.
What's that feeling when you stand beside a casket; 
To change one thing and that is all I want. Life for everyone will be so much better. The living nightmare of hunger to no longer haunt. I am willing to write a letter.    
If I could only hear a Who I’d finally know the answers. Do I stay where it’s safe, Jump into the pit of the unknown, Or drown in a sea of waiting.   Time is really all we have.
I don't know what love is, Well, that's what they said. As they went and spouted that nonsense To their flavor of the week.I don't know what love is?I wonder... What is it that I feel,
With so much wrong in this worldI cannot decide who is to blameI know not who causes povertyNor all the criminals could I name I would like to change so many things
I wonder all the time Why they talk and whisper;  Why they can not seem to understand that we are all different.   No one body is the same No one mind thinking the same thought.
No one ever contemplates the words that they speak. Never did one seek to release pain onto another as a thought.  Not intentionally making the burden rot. Yet it sinks in and sets into an undeveloped mind.
Young blood recruited, His soul laid to rest
If I had the power to make a change, a big difference It would be simple, a feeling, to travel a long distance Around the world, from sea to sea Spreading the feeling of sunshine and glee
The girl in the mirror always wanting to differ. Wanting to be slim , not wanting to suffer. But that girl in the mirror, is not really me. She is of my imagination, what I believe I see.
We were not the ground shakers People will never think that We made a difference Poverty hunger and homelessness It fell into our laps And we dismissed it All that pressure and negativity
Dark skinned light skinned red bone yellow bone
Silently The world sleeps But I lie awake In the middle of a black night Listening to the cries Of people I’ll never meet With blue stories I’ll never hear And I wonder
On a road to fame... Most people would expect to see shame. Drugs, sex, and violence, stain the lives of the rich and famous. These "idols" inspire us teens to do the same, But really, who is to blame?
We woke up in this place, shattered but alive,   The world is a monstrocity,  we manage to survive.   Torn up children's faces and corrupted civil wars,  
If there was one thing that I could change about this crazy, loud, mean world it would be that there would be no limitations. Limitation: a limiting condition; restrictive weakness; lack of capacity; inability or handicap.
They say my thighs aren’t skinny enough That my hair isn’t long enough Or curly enough. They say my stomoch isn't skinny enough That my hair isn't skinny enough That I am not enough But I don’t care.
If I had the power to change things I would not change much Just the direction of my feet When the ground is hard and Laden with a cobbled facade I would change the sound of a tragedy
I look in the mirror and I see a girl A girl who wants to change the world Show everyone what could be If from our eyes we erased the greed The greed of a nation wanting more Money, power galore  
  Can I change their perception?
I am a very religious heterosexual female. I am currently dating a guy, going on a year now. We are very happy together and we've even discussed marriage way down the road.
Red, Yellow, Blue, Green Flags are nothing but color. Caucasian, Indian, Islander, African Skin is not the issue in particular. Trans, Gay, Straight, Bi We are all the same.
An expert dressed in appropriate attire
To look in the mirror and see something different, I wonder if that’s the apple I’d pick.
Dear Reader,   If I wrote a poem for you, I'd be willing to bet, I seem rather normal, for a person you have not met.   If you saw me from a distance, I look like a pedestrian at best,
Life is a struggle filled with like minds befuddled.All trying to find reasons to exist.Many are stuck smoking spliffs and drinking fifths,But they say happiness awaits to those who persist.Many have perspired.
People should accept,Respect, and love others likePlants and the seasons.
I look forward to the day When the share post doesn't need to say: "Share if you are a strong black woman who doesn't need a man." "Share if you are a strong woman who doesn't need a man."
I loved her so until the end but even my love could not mend of the evil that lived inside of her and continued to hide We had to make our schedules bend
Think for a moment if we didn't consume; If we didn't eat,  If we didn't drink-   More time on the clock for personal use,  More accomplished feats, More seconds to think-  
If I could, I would If I could, I would change
  Around my neighborhood Around my street From the city in which i live in to the shoes on my feet Poverty is at an all-time high People are stuggling to get by The thing that i would change
YOU need to change YOU utter words of pain Sharp enough to slit my wrist Yet clear enough for me to think Should I really end this?   The name calling the jokes It all never stops
Looking around my world as just another regular girl One change I wish to make That life improvement would be assured   We, as humans, learn to work Then work to get money we earn
       If there was one thing that I could change, it would be the way some people have to live. There are people who are stuck being homeless. These people have to deal with tragic weather conditions and go without good at times.
What would I change? I would change the violence. I would change the arguments over land and power The small fights on the playground I would change the divisions man has created  Why?
He doesn't have too many friends Then again, it's a small school None of us have too many friends But he doesn't have too many friends And he's walking down the hall And someone yells out "Hey! Look!
Disregard the color of the skin that you see on each person, Forget that they are either male or female, Who are they? Are they someone who lives a daily life? What does it really matter?
We all want change                 Life                 Love                 Politics                 Family                 Church                 Grades                 College
When there is nothing left of us, the people, what will we have? Most often times we thrive to own materialistic items, things of which do not and will not matter in 10 years from now.
What would I change? Everything.
Convicted and confined, Before you knew your name. Forced to give your life, While you were but a babe.   Crowded, beaten, and thereof, All life outside unknown. Living on but corn and air,
If I could change one thing about the world, I'd change the way it's ran. It'd be a place where people weren't afraid to take a stand. In the world we live in now, there's a unanomous point of view.
You can't look at yourself in the mirror anymore without seeing failure written on your forehead. You're at an all time low.
I am nobody. Who are you? Are you nobody to?   I lived the perfect life. Family of four raised in white people land. White picket fences. White lawn chairs scattered across the yard.
I want to change the world sure 5 year olds say that I'm 18  no I am not going to go all dictatorship I am going to teach preschool start nonprofits foster teens
Looking at the street
Every morning, A girl somewhere wakes up, rubs her big brown eyes and walks to her mirror She looks at herself and sees a shell of a person Whatever she feels on the inside is what she sees on the outside “I’m fat”
Place me in a world of peace and I will know bliss. Throw a grenade of love into the city and they, too, will know this. Take out your tazer and shock me with kindness.
The wind whispers dark secrets, That I should not have told; As I set free my emotions, And let go of the old.    Now I cannot capture the wind. Nor the words caught in it,
As I walk across the street, all I see is anger and fear. Men yelling with every meet,
We live in a world where the American dream is a thing that is yearned, Where liberty is free and opportunity awaits around every turn. We live in a world where we are given every right to speak what is our hearts,
If I could choose to change
Imagine a little girl... In first grade, just as happy as can be. Her life flips, confusion enters, faith breaks in. Her brother was murdered. She doesn't know why. She doesn't know how.
In a nation deemed free, prosecution still reigns on a day to day basis. The “right” bash the “wrong” and the high continue to rise, while the low still fall.
Still nowhere to go Optimism running thin   Bermuda triangle Lost in the sea  Limbo   I'm tired of all these pressures I'm tired of being tired i'm tired of being me  
One day a little bird, asked me what would I do If I had the power of words, to make a change in you. I pondered it for a moment, my thoughts began to race. Knowing in my heart I'd change the world's pace.
A white boy’s tears
What has happened to the world today? Where has hard work gone, I say? Everyone I see has their palm held out. Waiting for a freebie from their neighbor, no doubt.   What has happened to the world I see?
What would I change, given choice and power? Perhaps I would be noble and end world hunger. Or perhaps I'd give freedom to those who cower From hatred and malice, both older and younger.
Change the young boys’ empty gaze, No longer able to smile;
I wish we all could remember,
Bullying is not right. I want to change. Bullying at schools. Verbal and physical. A good change. That will help. Everything would be better. Rudeness is not right.
Ah the land of the free, the brave, The tolerant Tolerant of cheating and divorce, of lies and scandals,   Of murder Murder of those who can not defend themselves Who have not yet had a chance
  Rewind and Rewrite  
I want to sleep a sleep so deep, No one else will find my keep.
A society full of judgment and character assasination, I'm just another victim.  Or maybe I've already been a victim and not know it.  Either way, my fate been sealed and forged in Hell.  I'm African-American. 
As a 19 year black man in to
  There is change There is inspiration There is hope left in these young bones.   I am a kid Grown up too fast in social expectations. I am a kid Watching others do the same.  
Walking down the sidewalk and all I can see Is the sad old man looking at me.  He begs and pleads Sitting on his knees. My heart breaks My whole body starts to ache. This man lives in the street,
Society-society things never change. Race against race, dangerous people like hatred. Careless world, guns, girls guys violence-PAIN. When will it ever be change?  
Sean realized at a young age Other boys were not quite the same He wasn’t on the same page   No one was to blame He was so estranged He felt naught but shame  
It is a brand new year The possibility that it is wasted is my greatest fear Change is neccesary for me to grow as a person But what do I change? That is what I must determine  
September 11, 2001 started how? Two towers stood tall. Ninety-three became a plow. One hundred and ten floors tumble and fall.   October 7, 2001 at war he said. Sixty eight thousand troops there now.
A Light in the Darkest of Nights. By: Keila Levis   I see love at first sight. I see wonders in the sky. Like an owl, I see the darkest of nights. I see loneliness, as I spy.
Take a walk in their shoes Feel the warmth of their harsher views Feel the cold air pass them by Feel the pain residing inside Feel the goosebumps on their skin Or perhaps the sadness of their decieving grin
The society we live in is largely consisted of the latest tech inventions- Smart phones, computers, tablets, galore. What most fail to realize is that these gadgets seep deceptions.
 Power, is that what it is? Making people feel insubordinate
If by some unknown power I could change The way that mortal man his Maker met The balance between life and death I'd skew And bring about a plague of the undead.   A concept grisly, frightening, and more,
If by some unknown power I could change The way that mortal man his Maker met The balance between life and death I'd skew And bring about a plague of the undead.   A concept grisly, frightening, and more,
All we see, all we hear.
I turn on the news Rape, murder, missing Those words have become boring to me A black boy has been shot The white man who killed him goes home free Bullshit What has this world come to?
What would I give today To change the world To see and hear the call of the wild And how she cries out in pain   The answer it seems Is that mankind has gone astray
In history class I watched the Indians, Assimilate, Their culture was destroyed by,
Stuck in circles, Of seemingly nonstop repetitions. The world repeats its errors: War, deceit, and more war.   A future has set sail, And approaches on the horizon. Peace and harmony
I Promise You, If you give me the chance If you let me change one thing I will restore a never present balance. I Promise You, If you let me change the pace If you let me change one thing
A generation pressured by society A society driven by expectations and decisions Decisions that restrain us like animals to a cage A cage that strips what little freedom we were given
Change this/Change that/They all say/They don't like what I have to offer/So it is I who must change/For me to change/And be your perfect ideal I must/Love men/Speak fluidly/Socialize with everyone/Understand your feelings/Agree with everything y
If I could change one thing What would it be? I’d have to change everything I knew that was the key  
  White clouds the sky with her 
If I could change, change anything at will I would change the amount of blood we spill In the name of war, we are warring on ourselves Confusing the shadows with the light, Blinded by hate and revenge
Watching watching watching Longing to do the same Waiting waiting waiting How long before our turn? Will we see it before the ashes and urn? How long before the gap will close?
Pride gets in the way Envy lies in hearts  Gluttony overflows our nation While lust tears relations apart Anger boils within our veins  Greed prevents us from our potential
The day that there’s no war Is a day I want to live to see No more soldiers dying No more acts of terrorism   The day that gay marriage is legalized Is a day I want to live to see
People focus too much on what is not necessary Money, electronics, and clothes But there is so much more out there to see Things far better than those   Take a look Smell a smell Read a book
No one see the sadness in one's eye.
Speak softly, don't rush ahead Things are real,
We live in a dark, dark world. This world is full of hatred and sadness. We live in a world that is spiraling towards its doom. We live in a world that needs Jesus.  Jesus shows the way-- Jesus lights the way.
Think about it for a second...do you ever fit in with every single person on this planet?
Laughter can be heard through the halls,
Grab, break, abuse Even if you win, you lose Picture this: A little miss, not much bigger than yous Just wants her dad to give her a kiss But insead shes greeted by his welcoming fists
If I could change one little thing in this world, I would change my own heart.  To be truly unselfish, To care about others no matter what. After all, everything in this world
The gears of change Run through a range Of people and places But primarily YOU.   My mind can shift, My abilities can lift, My empathy can soar, But what about YOURS?  
Bullying is for those who have no
Society sets standards Unrealistic standards Causing hurt and pain Sometimes death   If society changed its standards We would be the true us We would hurt no more No more deaths
People of today feel so inadequate to the things they love the most
Why hate? When there is so much more
Consciousness is the art of being aware of one's existence.
Feminism means men and women are the same,
To change something is to end something, The ugliness shall die. The pain of the poverty is where my change would lie. I've lived a life without wealth of money that has been satisfying and sweet.
What would i change, to make this world better? A home for th homeless? Give a freezing body a sweater?
I am a stair case out of a burning building My heart, the cherry bomb that Couldn’t consume the flames My body is wildfire started fromOne match I am a rickety fire escape  
If I could change a couple things, It would be the sadness this world brings. There are too many harsh words said,  And too many innocent people dead. 
When a man gives his opinion, he’s a man When a woman givers her opinion, she’s a bitch. It’s hard out here for a bitch In a place where for every man’s dollar women make 78 cents
What I Will Change …I will change the way society views a womanThis view has been around way to longI will change this for women around the world
please stop placing me on a pedestal
  Our future depends on US.
Be the change you wish to see,but often your eyes are blinded.Be the change you wish to feel,but your touch can be misguided.Be the change you wish to hear,but sounds are so deceiving, 
Everyday more disappointment
  Tell them how much they mean to you, Understand that everyone is unique, Realize what matters, Never give up on anyone.   Heal others with your words, All people deserve to feel accepted,
I find it terifying, change. Would anyone truly deny that? Change. The unknown. To suddenly find altered, the Tone of your very reality, Of eveything that has shaped who you are.
In a world so cold, we need to be much more accepting And teach that to the children; it’s their parents they’re reflecting We’re all human at the end of the day Whether we’re tall, short, black, white, straight or gay
Looking out to the crowds Rainbow pins, chicano fists, and beaded crosses All colors to be seen and all faces, eyes, to be felt Told since birth that we are the same Learning later, none are like the otither..
We live in a world where nothing is perfect, A place where each little thing has a cause and an effect.  
What would you change. What would I change? I want to change many things about this world. I want to change the hurt within broken families.
I. A ship in the night adrift on a lonely sea, caught between dark waves. --- White castles, sculpted
Oh, fathers of the Motherland, weep for thy sons have been sold short,
The pain of watching His mother was screaming He couldn't stand up against the demon He locked the door Opened the drawer It was always there Like a best friend  Tears of relief
I'd change my face The large pores, the dimpled chin Sharpen the roundness, put teeth in a brace
We change our clothes we change our hair these things somehow without the slitest care. but what happens when theirs more to change? will you face your demons or face the change?
the walls we put up to protect May deceive what's really correct Perfection is not a goal in reach That's something the schools can't even teach But I'm the black kid who swallowed the bleach
A town where everyone gets along
A town where everyone gets along
If I could change any  one thing, it would be the way  I look but I do not see
They lie and cheat to climb up the chain, They give their world yet we see no gain
A town where everyone gets along
She leaped from the dirt covered alleys To the asphalt paved roadways Leaving behind her A distant memory of poverty And entering A world of opportunity  It was a long and grueling 8 years 
Everyday people seem to want a change. In themselves, their lives, the world. People don't understand that it can be a destructive force. If you change Amanda, then there will be no Amanda.
It isn't the world or the objects in it, the passion for life or the way we climb bit by bit. Could be the money, with all the greed and betrayal but at that point we're only travelling like snails.
Change is avoided, Change is never percieved as good. Change, however, can be the best we can do for ourselves.  Change bad habits, Change the way we view ourselves. 
Where is the love in this world so cold? Has compassion died off with those who are old? Has the ghost of the heart flown away?
Maybe I experienced love too fast or maybe you wanted me to fall before you took me away. I like to hope this was your plan all along. Either way I would not have wanted anything else because the light I see for now is the light in his soul.
Flaws: they fill up our insides - they consume us all, but we decide
If I could change one thing, I wouldn't change the world. I would change one person I would make him into a man. My brother hides inside of himself He keeps everything bottled in
I sat out behind the house for hourswaiting for something to come home.It has been days since the wind has blownand I have ingested the sun to show youhow bright I really am.
A world dominated by people who have erased vulnerabilityFrom their thoughts, seems to be falling apart.We train ourselves to be stern and collectedTo not show emotions, because emotions are our downfall.
I'd buy a fancy typewriter That chimes at every line-- Spend hours hunched behind its keys A channel for my mind.   And then, when I have had my fill I'll toss it to the curb,
  Nothing is perfect and I don’t want it to be But somethings on me may need to be tweaked
I am. What am I? I wonder every day with no apparent response. My fears, my thoughts, my dreams
My eyes are burning. I keep telling myself that this too will pass, that I can get myself out of this again. But how many times have I gotten myself into this? How many times will I make the same mistakes again and again,
If I had the power to change one thing, Only one, of all the  things I dislike In others, in society, in me,   If the world was one big picture and I was an artist, just one out of many,
Girls raising girls with the burderns of their past on their backs,  Men in diapers playing leader. Wayward sons and fallen daughters bleed for the hope of tomorrow, as tears from the sky fall to cleanse their wounds.
Is it everyone's dream to change one thing about the world? I wonder how many people dream and do it versus how many people just do it.
There is a great divide among Blacks It is known as, "Team Lightskin" and "Team Darkskin" So what is this, you may ask? It's disrespect It's humiliation It's segregation
As I look into the world, there is so much that I can change.
A thing to change is such a task So bring a range to pulp the mass Of things so twisted and bent to shape, That Candyland may seem so straight.  
Self-built walls, inside she sits Keeps fresh a wound not allowed to heal  Tells the lies to create a shield 
What would I change? The violence portrayed in video games. The numbness to a gun and blood. The unneccesary gruesomeness.   What would I change? The bullying toward children.
A simple corner seat With a cold facade And a flimsy spinal support. Bolted to the distressed floor.   Meeting on a whim In the middle of December On a rickety old train
I want to wake up Not having to remind myself of the past I want to fall asleep quickly Without battling with the devils poking at my mind I want to see my mother smile
Self Centered I'd change My ability to deal with the face in the mirror the thoughts simmering behind it the fumbling half-formed passions waiting to be found.
To be in a world with over flowing judgement makes one cover up who they really are.
If I could change anything, What would it be? It's the way my generation has turned out In this crazy, twisted society. I look around the classroom feeling so disgusted. Wishing I could move away...
We as humans go about our day, simply living our lives
Hurtful words behind her back, screaming those words that they can't take back. And finally when she can't take it anymore, she grabs her razor and locks her door. Cries as she fails again,
Povery, war, hatred, greed.  Smiles fade as does bliss In this life today, it is all we see.  If only I had one wish.  When tears outweigh the fall of rain And the act of smiling becomes a myth,
You know what's crazy? Slavery.  It's not okay that freedom is only for those born free, those born rich,  those born with a silver spoon between their blood-red lips, 
What would most people change if they could? Their appearance. No one ever fits the standards. She's never pretty enough. He's never masculine enough. He isn't a good enough athlete.
We look in each others’ eyes, uncomprehending, we don’t seem to realize— strip the details and what remains? we are the same.   Society is machinery, and we all have our place,
I don't like being laughed at, or pushed down anymore than the next person. But I can honestly say... I'm used to it. So... I'm okay.   You see, I've been around long enough to know that it's a cycle.
if i was able to change one thing, i would probably change dealing with people in the morning at school. I am NOT a morning person, and i get irritated very easily during the a.m.
All we need is love,
I would not change my bue eyes, or freckled cheeks I would not change my broad shoulders or big white teeth I would not change my wheight I love me, I am great.   I would not change the past
You see the world, yet you ignore
everyone, listen up, wake up, sit up.Put on your make up.Scratch that, who needs that shit you are pretty enough without it.Not many girls can see that today, instead they are pasting urban decay
To do what has not been done, To try to help or try anew. Will you climb the tallest mountain Or try your hand at swordsmanship, Maybe grant the needy a supple wish? Will you survive and fly,
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