Think about it for a you ever fit in with every single person

on this planet?

People are always judging, hating and mocking,

but there is no push towards stopping.

According to society, you will never be good enough;

it's the cold, hard truth and that's tough.

Just when you think you slip under the radar,

society drags you back in.

You're homosexual? Society calls you immoral.

You're against homosexuals? Society calls you a horrible person.

You don't eat? Society says you have an eating disorder.

You eat a lot? Society calls you fat.

You can never win,

and that should change.

Why do we always have to impress people?

Why do we try to impress people, just to be judged behind our backs?

We should be able to live our lives the way we want without being critiqued,

but sadly that's not the case.

Society influences our views on people without our control, and if it were changed,

the world would be a better place for all that society placed a label on.

What's that old saying?

"Don't judge a book by its cover."






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