You know what's crazy?


It's not okay that freedom

is only for those born free,

those born rich, 

those born with a silver spoon

between their blood-red lips, 

pursing and cursing at pictures 

of those we enslaved for our own lust. 

I said it: we lust. 

We watch their films - 

why do we make them? - 

We spend our cash on girls 

Young enough to break. 

So I would say - viva la slaves!

Long live those we forgot!

The people politicians hire 

for pleasure between "campains for women"

and "women's choice" 

and "rights". 

Because rights are right. 

We take and take what's right 

until there's nothing left, 

but I say, viva la slaves. 

I would free the slaves for India 

to Indiana - yes, there are slaves in America - 

because freedom is paid for 

In blood. First on the cross, 

then on crossroads 

and fields in France,

and now on the Las Vegas Strip.

Freedom isn't for some people. 

It's for everyone.


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