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Hey beautiful!

Wait……What does that even mean?

Beautiful? It means something that is gorgeous, stunning, jaw dropping.

No those are synonyms, thesaurus definitions. Tell me what actual beauty is.

Is it the models on television? Is it the way they look in magazines?

Is it the biggest breasts or who booty is more poppin’.



The dictionary says, “It is pleasing the mind or senses aesthetically”

What they show on magazine covers is consider beautiful and perfect?

Yes, Unfortunately.

Excuse me? I think we need to change it.

When the sunset reflects off the ocean horizon, that is pure beauty.

When the stars twinkle in the midnight sky; that is pure beauty.

It cannot be tainted or altered in anyway.



So why is it that the sunset over the horizon can be pure beauty, but the models that are photo shopped can get the same classification?

Really think about it.

The sunset cannot be changed, but the models can be and people still idolized them for being “perfect”.

That is what I want to change. The definition of beauty.

If you idolized them with smooth skin, Super skinny like a toothpick, and make up like in movie, And that’s your definition of beautiful, then you need to change it.



That’s flawed, not beautiful, and definitely not perfect.

When I see you, I see the sunset reflecting over the ocean horizon.

I see a starry night in the wilderness. You are like space.

Deep, mysterious, and always there. That’s real beauty. Not flawed.

So your definition of beauty is how clear is your face? So what is the new definition of beauty? Flawed.



No one is perfect. Nobody is perfect. Not everyone is perfect.

So when I say Hey Beautiful!

I am not talking about your hair extensions, your acrylic nails, your make up, which you think is cool,

I am talking about you and who you are with every cut, scratch, wrinkle, curve, and natural flaw.

To me that what makes you the most beautiful model of them all.

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