Bad Communication

Flaws: they fill up our insides - they consume us all, 
but we decide if they make us or let us fall.
My past relationships, they all seemed to have failed,
but I put the blame on me; Bad communication... he bailed.
The difficulty level of expressing my feelings - it's an all-time high,
I ruin things for myself and  when it ends, I wonder why I cry.
To properly communicate with him, I think I need a bottle of luck,
maybe if I told him how I really felt, he would have gave a fuck.

I understand now that bad communication doesn't help me grow,
it makes simple things complicated and conflicts with what I truly know.
What I know is that you meant an extremely great deal to me,
I'm sorry I never let you know, I'm sorry you're still everything I see.
If I could change one thing about myself, I would be able to speak my mind,
I would have told you everything I felt for you, even if they were out of line.
If I didn't have such bad communication skills, maybe we would still be together,
I could still call you and express myself - I guess it's truly now or never.


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