Suspension of Consciousness


Consciousness is the art of being aware of one's existence.

But are we existing.

If so, what are we?

I look around and I see trends,standards.

I see “Tumblr Girls” and girls that care too much about how their looks or whether their eyeliner is even. I see guys that make harsh jokes or are always picking a fight.

I see people arguing over who is dating who and hear people talking about who is wearing what to so and so's party. And “Did you hear about so and so? They're pregnant. She's depressed. He's a dick. She's too fat. Did you see her tits? Are they talking? Is he gay?


I see adults wondering what is going on? What is wrong with these kids? Weren't they raised better? You are immature! Where is your respect?


Have you wondered how many people in this room have respect for themselves? Have you ever wondered how many people in here can't look another in the eye? Or how many can't look themselves in the eye?

Have you ever wondered who you are? Can we just stop being so damn conscientious for one moment to listen.

Silence. Just listen.


You'll hear this a lot, I'm sure. But you are special. You are not your weight nor your height. You are not your late nights, bad nights, or nights that you don't want to remember. You are not your family's financial stability nor are you your family's history. You are not your religion. You are not what the social media demands. And please know you are not the next pair of shoes that everyone in this town will own. You are not the boy who has kissed the most girls – or guys. You are not the girl who has been on the most dates. You are not your sexual orientation. You are not whether you are a virgin or not. You are not whether you're going to college nor are you what your family thinks you should do instead. You are not your grades, your looks, or your mistakes. You must understand that you do not have to be a replica of this society's idea of perfect.


You are the smile when you're laughing at your favorite joke. You are the toy you played with as a child. You are the hearts you've touched throughout your life. You are the way you protect your siblings. You are the way you look at your best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, child, mother, father, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather. You are the way he makes you smile. You are the way you hold her hand. You are the way you snore, or your eyes flutter when you are asleep. You are the songs you listen to in the shower. You are your favorite sweater, worn and stained. You are your favorite food. You are your memories. You are your secrets. You are the light of your eyes. You are your hands and you are your feet, worn well from every experience both good and bad.

Let go of your need for perfection. Let go of your need to for love. Let go of your need for someone to give a damn.

Because you aren't going to receive it until you reach it for your own self.


Stop letting people give you a tail to drag around because quite frankly, you don't need one

I once asked my father, why humans don't have tails.

He told me that we are perfectly fine walking on two feet and in fact, a tail might throw us off a bit.

You are a not a wall so it is time to stop letting people tag a definition to your name.

From now on, try defining yourself.

You are your own definition.




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