How the World Sees Women


Every morning,

A girl somewhere wakes up, rubs her big brown eyes and walks to her mirror

She looks at herself and sees a shell of a person

Whatever she feels on the inside is what she sees on the outside

“I’m fat”

“No one will ever love me”

“I wish I had fuller lips, fuller hair”

She goes off to work or school and watches the boys talk about the girls in sexual manner

She craves and deeply desires their attention,

So she starts to change herself

She changes her body, her image, her friends

She desperately tries to look like the women in music videos

What she doesn’t realize is that you don’t have to dress provocatively to be beautiful

You don’t have to get noticed to be confident

You don’t have to let guys use and abuse you to be desired

She deserves better, but nobody ever told her that.

Nobody ever told her that she is fearfully and wonderfully made

Nobody ever told her to just be herself

She was good enough before she tried to prove herself to the world

Our society preys on women’s insecurities

The media finds ways to point out our flaws and give us temporary solutions,

We are bombarded with makeup and weight loss ads everyday

So, if I could change the world, it is obvious what I would change:

I would change how the world sees women

So that women would be able to change how they see themselves



This was really beautiful, especially the last two lines...would love to read more sometime (:! 

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