Mental Illness

Change the young boys’ empty gaze,

No longer able to smile;

Images of his father’s hands

Flash a minute a mile.

The pain sears through his cheek,

Even with the danger gone;

Give the boy his chastity back,

Take away the mental harm.


Change the young girls need for pain,

Numbness consuming her body;

A blade slicing through her skin,

With knowledge of being naughty.

Blood rushes from her vein,

Escaping her ugly mind;

Give the girl her feelings back,

Keep away the self-harm.


Change the mans jumbled speech,

His mind preoccupied with thoughts;

Voices screaming left and right,

Unknown to the theory of exhaust.

Always busy pleasing others,

Never participating in negligence;

Give the man his freedom back,

Make his brain go quiet once.


Change the woman’s dreadful ways,

Emptiness eating away her body;

Constantly busy counting numbers,

Sitting before the nasty potty.

Food a dreaded word

In fear of getting fat;

Give the woman her sight back,

Allow her to notice all she’s worth.


Change the old man’s sorrow mind,

Full of cruel thoughts,

Worthless, hideous, disgusting, lonely,

They never seem to stop.

The appeal of suicide

Growing every day;

Give the old man his happiness back,

Let him enjoy what comes with life.


Change each person’s damaged brain,

Containing all their faults;

Stop the destruction these sicknesses

Cause in all our hearts.

Slowly killing everyone

Both sufferers and friends;

Give each person their life back,

Take away the mental illnesses.



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