It isn't the world or the objects in it,

the passion for life or the way we climb bit by bit.

Could be the money, with all the greed and betrayal

but at that point we're only travelling like snails.

Some believe, however, it's how we treat each other

not with care or undevoted love, certainly not with the eyes of a mother.

Perhaps the world would be far superior 

maybe it could be avoidable....all this hysteria

I want to go around this world and even up to the United Nations

and gather all around have them call their relations,

have this broadcasted to every house, school, and shelter

"Please my friends.....stop acting helter skelter...

As illogical as it may sound, as childish as it may seem

throw out your nets, and let none fall between.

Fire one, fire two....even in the blast take a stand

All I'm asking....just please....lets hold each other's hand."



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