An Exposition of Negro History


Oh, fathers of the Motherland,

weep for thy sons have been sold short,

Thy daughters abused by evil men.

Tell me of thy grief, thy sorrow,

tell me of the indignity,

of a history that is narrow.

Shock a Zulu with the peoples cowardness!

Where have the men of Africa, Ghana gain?

Langston inscribe your mighty words on the hearts of all,

showing the many shades and hues of our people.

Speak of your glorious dream Martin,

preach, and become a junior king among us all!

Hail, might Selassie, king of ancient Ethiopia,

embodiment of the negro spirit!

Men of valor, of war, create an opening,

for humble Toussaint walks among thee.

Noble Jordan lose thy airs,

Jackson beat it and make way,

wrathful Iron Mike lose thy flair,

for the best is still a mystery.

This is a short exposition,

of an even shorter negro history.



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