Dismantle the Patriarchy


Long Beach
United States

When a man gives his opinion, he’s a man

When a woman givers her opinion, she’s a bitch.

It’s hard out here for a bitch

In a place where for every man’s dollar women make 78 cents

In a place where white old men say “if it’s legitimate rape

 the female body has ways to try to shut down the whole thing”

In a place where “you throw like a girl” and “is that the best you ladies can do!” are silly insults

In a place where my opinions are drowned out and my words are garbage

All because I don’t have a dick in between my legs


And I can’t breathe in this place where

They are trying to smother my words

They are trying to stop my thoughts

They are grabbing my ass at stupid parties when my back is turned

Making me spin around with fury in my voice

My finger pointed strongly in his face

And I say like I’m disciplining a dog “Not Okay”

His friends bark in the background “not okay” “not okay”

Their laughter fills my ears like chatty Labradors

I wish I had done more

I wish I landed my right fist into his eye

And left a bruise that would have swelled and darkened like a ripe plum

But that would have been “unlady like”


My little brother told me that his science teacher said

Women are one of the few species who try and get a man’s attention

By applying makeup and dressing nice

Like we are some type of desperate thirst ridden flamboyant peacocks

I laughed and then felt like strangling her

Because if she bought that $20 dollar lipstick to make some guys dick hard

She needs to reevaluate her priorities


Ignorant men say

those good for nothing feminists have invented rape culture

taking women out of the kitchen

advocating for a generous social welfare system

creating sexual harassment laws to keep themselves safe

Those man hating, lesbian, hairy legged bitches

Do you know how long it takes to shave my legs?


I’m tired of feeling like road kill,

Already dead but sunken into the pavement

Blood simmering on a hot day

Guts spewed across a busy street

Forced to feel car after car drive me back into “my place.” 



I love this. It's spectacular and really identifies with the problems women have to face. Fantastic job!!


I agree with Haajpodge! The analogy at the end there was really original

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