A Bloody Crucible

If by some unknown power I could change

The way that mortal man his Maker met

The balance between life and death I'd skew

And bring about a plague of the undead.


A concept grisly, frightening, and more,

At once alarming and perhaps unkind,

Yet I remain convinced that such a plague

Would be in the best interests of mankind.


Consider the atrocities condoned

By greedy overvocal interest groups:

Meadow and glen irreparably destroyed

By corporations pompous and uncouth.


Consider the corruption and the zeal

Most people use in bringing lives to waste.

While true, the squeaky wheel gets the grease,

It's also the first wheel to be replaced. 


Hypocrisy and gross redundancy-

How swiftly would the zombie's slavering maw

Remove these blights upon morality

And bring to pass a higher, nobler law.


For in the crucible of undead hordes

Clamouring on every side for blood

A man must understand what matters most:

No diamond of the soul is stained by mud.


Slander, lies, deceit, betrayal foul

These traits do make the Son of Morning gloat,

But even inklings to perform such deeds

Mean nothing when a zombie's at your throat.


How well a man would fare in such a life

If he but dared to keep his honour whole.

For he who dares wins all, or so they say,

Hence better men an undead world would mold.


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