Trich or Treat with Kindness


Dear Reader,


If I wrote a poem for you,

I'd be willing to bet,

I seem rather normal,

for a person you have not met.


If you saw me from a distance,

I look like a pedestrian at best,

But if you came a little closer,

You'd look twice to see the rest.


Seven years and counting,

I have struggled with defeat,

I've tried so many times,

But this thing I cannot beat.


Imagine if you saw a stranger,

With no eyelashes or eyebrows,

What would you be thinking, or say?

But let kindness be words from your mouth.


I have no eyelashes or eyebrows,

And I hear the mean things people say,

Like how I have no self awareness,

But these words I throw away.


I myself did not know what was wrong,

Until I stumbled online and there was a name,

I was in shock this bad habit existed,

I was not the only one who felt shame.


Reader, I propose a challenge,

Google Trichotillomania now,

I want to aware the world,

of this disorder I have found.


Seven years and counting,

I have struggled with this thing to beat,

The impulse to pull the hair is exhausting,

But I no longer want it to be defeat.


So if I could change something, anything,

I want to offer a different perspective people have of others and me,

Because too many people are quick to judge,

With negativity before they know everything.



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