What I Would Change


The human mind can deceive and destroy

It can believe that your worth is no more than a mere toy

It can convince the heart that healing is untrue

That emotional survival is preserved for a select few

It can imagine a life of joy and peace as out of reach

For the ones that claim such a life are just wishing to preach

It can taunt to the point of destruction and instability

Causing a belief that you have no worth-while ability

It can creep the belief of insignificance into your being

Until worthlessness and taking your own life is all you are seeing

It can thirst for a substance that will destroy your skin

As if alcohol, drugs, or separation from reality is the only way to win

This I would change
So every beautiful soul on earth could see their potential

How their presence and their entity is entirely essential

So their minds are wiped clean of being hurt and broken

For life should be treasured and they are a valuable token

So that every woman can be free in her untainted skin

Because understanding their immense beauty is when the joy of life will begin

So that every man will be proud of what he can provide

And that the demons pulling him down will all subside

I would change the mind, and wipe it clean



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