What I WILL change ...

What I Will Change …

I will change the way society views a woman

This view has been around way to long

I will change this for women around the world

So they may sing a new, happier song

Women are more than just body and beauty

They have intelligence deep inside

Women are certainly more

Than what meets the eye

I will change the way society views an African American

Because Racism still exist, even till this day

I would make the world a humbler place

So peace will come every day

Why should the skin you were bless with matter?

Because on the inside we are all the same

So let us stop this madness

So everyone may reach a new gain instead of pain

I will change society’s views on homosexuality

Because you love who you love

Not every homosexuals acts just a like

Yes, I understand your views and beliefs,

But can’t you respect mine?

Because only God can judge me

So please allow me to ignore the negativity you choose to see

I will change society’s views on the youth

Because we are the future, we are the light

So instead of putting the youth down

Why not teach them? Teach them wrong from right

Teach them why isn’t safe to play at night

Teach them why you should think before you fight.

Listen I know this is a lot to change

But please allow me to explain

I can do all of this by changing just ONE thing

So, yes, you may say that this is a lot of changes?

To be honest it may be,

But all of this will happen

Because I WILL change me



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